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Solar Consultancy Patrick Gofre publishes here stimulating solar related news:

Used Solar panels
Thursday April 16, 2020

At the moment we have about 40.000 used solar panels, ready to be shipped.

Solar now cheapest new form of energy in nearly 60 countries
Sunday Jan 01, 2017 | by Sher Watts Spooner
Donald Trump and the climate deniers and fossil fuel company backers he’s nominated for his cabinet don’t realize it—or refuse to believe it—but the world is starting to pass them by when it comes to developing new sources of power. In the developing world, solar power is becoming the most cost-effective new source of electricity.

In nearly 60 lower-income countries, the average price of solar energy has dropped to $1.65 million per megawatt in 2016, just below wind at $1.66 million per megawatt. That means new energy development projects will focus on solar energy rather than wind power. Read more …Related NewsSolar mirrors in Morocco. Developing countries are learning that installing solar power is the most cost-effective method of generating electricity.

Monday, 26 December 2016|
GreEnMa Tech GmbH will organize in Tehran the 9th Iran International Renewable Energy and Energy Saving Exhibition and the 1st Business Meeting on Trade Mission of Renewable Energy Market, between February the 25th and the 27th.
Discover the possibilities in the fields of the Renewable Energies by participating or visiting this event.
Download the catalogue:

DAS MODUL_DELight by Soluxtec
Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Soluxtec GmbH, the German manufacturer of photovoltaic solar modules and a strong 10 years of experience in this sector, is proud to unveil its first photovoltaic module equipped with DELight technology, a unique patented system of production control of your solar equipment.
The DELight technology is directly integrated in the photovoltaic module.
Reliable, visible and as proven design, DAS MODUL_DELight requires no additional accessories or other network connections.

DAS MODUL_DELight works the simplest of ways thanks to a miniaturized autonomous system which constantly analyzes the operating values of each module.
With this solution, you are warned by a blinking visual signal on the visible side of the solar panel in case of one of your photovoltaic generators would present a too low electricity production.
Our aim is to make sure that you as a user of the whole range of products DAS MODUL_DELight are guaranteed in a easy way for the good condition of your investment.

SOLUXTEC GmbH unveils its new DELight embedded technology which will be officially launched and previewed at its booth during the (renewable) Energy Fair Energaia 2016. This fair will take place in Montpellier on 14 and 15 December, 2016.
DELlight is available from January 2017 on the full production line DAS MODUL of 60 cells solar panels, in power ranges from 250 Wp to 300 WP.
SOLUXTEC GmbH based in Bitburg nearby Luxemburg, assembles 100% made in Europe as well as 100% made in Germany solar modules in its factory.
The company also relies on its proximity to other European countries to develop its activities in the solar energy sector.
For more information about the Soluxtec products: pgofre(at) or info(at)

Related News

Sweden phases out fossil fuels in attempt to run completely off renewable energy
Tuesday 24 May 2016 | by Samuel Osborne
Sweden’s prime minister announced his country will work towards becoming ‘one of the first fossil fuel-free welfare states of the world’

Renewables account for over half of Sweden’s energy, while the UK has one of the lowest renewable energy shares in Europe.|
In 2015, Sweden’s prime minister announced his country will work towards becoming “one of the first fossil fuel-free welfare states of the world,” in a speech to the UN General Assembly. Read more…

Mickey-shaped solar farm near Orlando
Tuesday, 23 Feb 2016 | by Laura Sanicola
Duke Energy’s 5-megawatt solar facility near Orlando, Florida, appears to have taken shape in the form of Disney’s iconic Mickey Mouse character. Read more…

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Source: Nearmap

SMA Solar Technology AG certified as top employer for engineers 2016
The Top Employers Institute has certified SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) as Top Arbeitgeber Ingenieure 2016 (Top Employer for Engineers). Read more…


Egypt preps tender for 30 GW of energy projects 

26 JANUARY 2016 | by  EDGAR MEZA
Government officials, public sector stakeholders and regulators will gather next month in Cairo for a special summit aimed at engaging investors and developers for a slew of major energy and infrastructure projects. Read more…

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